Care Guide

At Frankly My Dear, we pride ourselves on providing high quality jewellery at an affordable price! All our items are tested to ensure you never need to take off your favourite pieces and can wear over a long period of time however all metals will naturally oxidise over time and do require care and maintenance.

- Lightly wipe your jewellery with a jewellery cloth to remove any unwanted chemicals from the surface.
- Jewellery cloths can be used to polish and bring back the shine of your pieces

- Do not spray perfumes directly onto your jewellery.
- Avoid chemicals from lotions, sunscreens & body washes ect.
- Do not store your jewellery in high moisture rooms such as bathrooms.
- Stainless Steel items can be worn in water however we recommend avoiding chlorine & salt pools or any other chemicals and high concentrations.
- To increase life longevity and maintenance for all metals, we recommend avoiding showering and swimming.